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 FB-350 The Experiencing Scale: A Research and Training Manual
by Marjorie H. Klein, Philippa L. Mathieu, Eugene T. Gendlin, and Donald J. Kiesler. The Experiencing Scale Manual consists of three volumes. Volumes I and II consist of printed material. Volume I reviews the theoretical anchorage of the concept and method, outlines its basic assumptions, and summarizes research employing the method. The second section of Volume I of the Manual considers the present version of the Scale including aspects of methodology and procedural application. Last comes the training manual, including the Scale itself and an overview the training sessions. Training involves raters’ listening to seven hours of audio recordings of therapy material (Volume III) or reading transcripts of these sessions (Volume II). Volume I ends with Expert Ratings and Justifications for the ratings of these practice sessions in order to provide feedback to raters. This is followed by two additional hours of audio material which are rated in order to provide final information on rater reliability. The package contains two manuals and ten CDs. More information
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