Focusing with Children

The art of communicating with children at school and at home by Marta Stapert and Erik Verliefde - Read review

Listening to children is a skill which parents, teachers, caretakers and school counselors need to employ every day. From a deep respect to the already existing attitude of these adults, the authors offer an extra dimension to the art of communicating with children.

This book is about listening in many ways, both to your deepest self and to others. It is listening to what children say, feel, and think, but also to what is deeper than thoughts and feelings.

Change in behavior arises when children learn to listen inwardly, sensing what is bodily felt inside them. This process of change, called "Focusing", is explained with many examples from the personal experiences of the authors, from their workshops, training and child therapy sessions.

The authors give a structured approach for use in schools and other group situations, but much of it can also be used at home by parents. With this book you can, quite independently, start to accompany children more consciously in their development, and by doing so, you will watch their confidence grow.

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