Find Your Voice

Saturday, June 24, 2017 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Eastern Time
An Online Class Facilitated by Marcella Calabi

Part of The Focusing Highlights Series

(no special computer skill or equipment required)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be more confident, present and strong in your interactions with other people – and still be gracious and humane? To have your voice and be heard? Perhaps you feel inhibited in the literal use of your voice, speaking or singing. Perhaps you feel hampered or frustrated about the effectiveness of your communication with others or your actions in the world. Those different meanings of "voice" intersect with each other, and a Focusing approach to them is extremely powerful.

You already know more about how to do this than you probably realize. You don’t have to become – or wish you were – someone else. You also don’t have to behave in ways you don't want to, to make yourself heard. This webinar will introduce you to the skills you can acquire and doors you can open within yourself, allowing you to express more freely who you naturally are, your best self.

Times worldwide: Click this link for your time.

Registration closes Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

The video link will be an easy to use format called Zoom. You will need to have a computer/mobile device. Calling in by phone is also possible but not preferred. All registered participants will be sent a link to the video recording approximately two weeks following the course. So if you are unable to attend in person, you will still be able to hear the class.


Marcella Calabi helps people find their voice and live from it. She is an outside-the-box thinker with training in music, negotiation/mediation and teaching/guiding, and a Certified Focusing Professional. She is inspired by the several meanings of voice: physical voice and the self it expresses, voice of personhood manifested in word and action, and inner voices accessed with Focusing. A portal to her work in all of these areas can be found at


Marcella Calabi is offering this class as a fundraiser for The International Focusing Institute. This live online class is pay-what-you-can. The suggested payment for US residents is $30. If you need to give less, that's fine, but we do require each participant to give something. Please give extra if you can! Thank you for supporting the Institute.

PLEASE NOTE: After you register here, watch for an email with instructions to join the class.

Registration for this class is now closed.

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Price: $30.00

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