Some Philosophical Concepts: Philosophy - Practice

“Living is always a fresh, further forming – all the way from the cells up”. (Gendlin)

This new two disk DVD set was recorded at the live conference in New York.

Disk # 1 (77min) Some Philosophical Concepts: Philosophy

In this rich animated and meticulous presentation, Dr. Gendlin explains several concepts that are building blocks of his Philosophy. “The Philosophy of Entry to the Implicit” is a Model for the modern world which keeps sharp conceptual definitions but it also includes and builds on the implicit. In his words “ There is no ‘Is’. There is only ‘Is’ and ‘Implies’”. Dr. Gendlin conveys how he uses the words “body” and “implicit”. The body is already an interaction – and living things imply not just the next movement, they imply process – their own process.

Disk # 2 (73min) Some Philosophical Concepts: Practice

A delicate and sensitive ”Experiential Demonstration” on this disk is preceded by a valuable introduction of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy. In a lively discussion that follows, Dr. Gendlin answers many interesting questions. The discussion brings a whole additional elaboration about the close correlation of Gendlin’s Philosophy and the Practice of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy.

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