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To pay your annual Professional fees click the appropriate link below:

"> Certifying Coordinator Dues

"> Coordinator in Training Dues

"> Certified Focusing Professional Dues (Focusing Trainer or trained in Focusing-Oriented Therapy)

">Trainee Dues

">Certification Fee

For Certification Fee and Trainee Dues you will be asked to enter the name of your Certifying Coordinator on the next page.

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Being a member of The International Focusing Institute is one way of staying connected to the International Focusing Community and its latest developments. The Institute is a supportive matrix whose purpose is to help the human community integrate Focusing into its many ways of living and working, and to see to the continued thriving and evolution of Focusing and Focusing teaching.

We organize what has already been done so that people have access to it. We support a thriving philosophical community centered around the Philosophy of the Implicit. We generate continued Focusing research. An unbroken developmental process for 50 years has brought us to this point.

To introduce Focusing to people requires reaching out on many levels: publicity; archiving resources; bringing focusing into schools, medicine, churches, businesses and other areas. As Focusing is introduced in these areas, we connect people who need to know about each other worldwide. Membership is a way to support our work, and, as we are a non-profit organization, your contributions may be tax deductible.

Each member of our International Community is special to us. We deeply appreciate that you care enough about this work we are doing together to put some of your life energy into it, whether in the form of training, personal development, organizing projects, money or in other ways.

There are two types of Membership with The International Focusing Institute: Professional and Sustaining.

Professional Membership means that you are actively maintaining your status in your Member Category so that our referral system is accurate, including staying current on payment of dues. All paid up Professional Members are listed in the annual TFI Member Directory. There are also member discounts for some of our programs, e.g., The Focusing Institute Summer School,  The World Focusing-Oriented Therapy Conference and The International Focusing Institute publication ”The Folio.”

Certifying Coordinators, Coordinators-in-Training and Certified Focusing Professionals are provided free access to a simple online application that allows them to easily create and maintain a personal web page which is part of the TFI website. Your personal page will be available to the public when someone searches for a Focusing Teacher or Focusing-Oriented therapist.

The Professional Member categories are:

  • Certifying Coordinator (CC):  Coordinators are our most experienced teachers who have spent many years learning and teaching Focusing. They are able to train individuals from the beginning of someone’s learning all of the way through Certification. They are a special group of dedicated teachers – currently 193 CC’s from 33 countries. If someone is looking for a teacher, they can find a Certifying Coordinator from the on-line searchable database.
  • Coordinator-in-Training (CNT): CNT’s are individuals being mentored by a Certifying Coordinator to become a Coordinator. We recognize the substantial commitment CNT’s are making by listing them as such in our Member Directory. Once they have trained a minimum of two people from the beginning all the way through certification, have a written curriculum and sent it to The International Focusing Institute and their mentor is satisfied that they are ready, the CNT is officially welcomed as a Certifying Coordinator.
  • Certified Focusing Professional, Focusing Trainer or trained in Focusing-Oriented Therapy: These are individuals who have completed their Focusing training and are recommended by their Certifying Coordinator. In addition, they pay the one time Certification Fee, which allows a one-time reduced fee to attend the annual Advanced and Certification Weeklong. Upon recommendation from their Coordinator they receive their Certificate from The International Focusing Institute. They are able to teach Focusing to individuals or groups. If someone is looking for a teacher, they can find a Certified Focusing Professional from the on-line searchable database.
  • Trainee: is someone who is currently training with one of our Certifying Coordinators.

If it is difficult for you to pay Professional Membership dues (for example, in case of illness, unemployment, or other crisis), please let us know that you would like to apply for a scholarship for the coming year.  We want to make it possible for you to stay actively involved with TIFI while you are getting back on your feet.

We also want to make it easy for our elder Coordinators to remain involved in our community as you retire from active work.  Your wisdom is a very precious resource.  To this end we hope you will let us know if you are now retired and have limited means.

Sustaining Membership means that you support the work of The Focusing Institute by joining as an Associate, Supporter or Friend. You may be a beginner or advanced Focuser and have taken a few or many workshops for your own development. You may have used many of the Focusing resources that are available on our website and others. You appreciate how Focusing has been a big support in your life and want to show your appreciation by connecting with us as an Associate, Supporter or Friend. We welcome your being part of the international Focusing Community and hope to have a continuing relationship with you. The Sustaining Member categories are Associate ($75/year) , Supporter: ($50/year), and Friend ($25/year).
  • The benefits for Associate and Supporting Member categories are the same, except you will be listed differently in the Member Directory; within country, Associate Members are listed before Supporting Members. Associate and Supporting Member benefits include a printed (if requested) and e-copy of the current Member Directory. The extra $25 we receive from Associate Members is deeply appreciated and makes a difference in sustaining our work.

  • Friend: $25/year.

All Members are sent our e-newsletter, "In Focus," and regular Institute mailings. The newsletter and the mailings help keep you up-to-date on developments and stay connected to the International Focusing community. Additionally, member discounts are available for certain workshops and retreats, as well as for The Focusing Institute publication "The Folio."

All Members are invited to join and have free access to our international partnership pool if you are a Certified Focusing Professional, have received the Proficiency in Focusing Partnership (PFP) award, or have a written recommendation from a TFI Coordinator or Trainer. Click here for details. You can search for a partner based on interests, language, location and more. For more information about Focusing Partnership and the Focusing Partnership Program, please click here.

Whether you are joining for the first time or renewing, please click the appropriate link above.   Please call the Focusing Institute at 845-480-5111 if you have any questions. If you are renewing, please make sure your contact information is accurate.