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Creating Confidence - How to Do Social Work Without Destroying People's Souls

by Anna Willman

Forty years ago a handful of renegade social workers in the small conservative rural town of Roseburg, Oregon, started meeting with their welfare mom clients in the local bars for gripe sessions about the welfare system. Together they developed a radical new concept they called “People Planned Delivery” and a program for women called the Confidence Clinic. Their history includes brilliant successes and stunning betrayals. It is a messy story that begins with a lot of loud yelling and name calling and goes on to a proliferation of services, all designed and, to a great degree, operated by the people who were to benefit from them. This book tells their story and provides a clear guide to following their lead in helping women to empower themselves and transform their lives. “It only takes one women to change the world, but a group of women can change anything.” Maxine Gish, Confidence Clinic graduate “The Confidence Clinic…is what I call a psychic family – a group committed to mutual help…for women who have been isolated, despairing, and dependent.” Gloria Steinem, Revolution from Within

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