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Focusing in Gaza, photo courtesy of Palestine Trauma Centre

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This summer and autumn, millions of refugees have poured out of their home countries, escaping intolerable physical and psychological conditions. They need food, shelter, and a change in the power structures which leave masses of people impoverished and oppressed.

In the midst of such suffering, there exist needs alongside those of physical health and safety. When we suffer great loss or deprivation, we also have a deep need to make some sense of what we have experienced; to remain human in inhuman circumstances.


Focusing feeds the hunger that remains after the belly is fed


We in the Focusing community suffered our own loss this year with the passing of Mary Hendricks Gendlin. At her memorial, we watched a video of her in younger years, where she reminded us that "Focusing doesn't belong to anybody; it belongs to everybody." The Institute, she said, exists so that this process which we love, which is free to all, and which we know to be life enhancing -- and even life saving for some of us -- be findable by people everywhere.


Please help us make Focusing findable for all

Focusing in Gaza, photo courtesy of Palestine Trauma Centre

In honor of Mary, this summer we launched a program, Pause for Peace, to affirm our institutional commitment to making Focusing accessible to everybody. Under the banner of Pause for Peace, we are currently working with two well-established initiatives:

The Palestine Trauma Centre is extending the excellent work that has been done in Gaza. The success of Focusing there is being adapted for use by speakers of Arabic who are refugees or suffering other forms of distress.
In El Salvador, a country suffering from one of the world's highest rates of homicide and gang violence, we are supporting the work of Nuevos Rumbos, which has been active there for eight years, helping to nurture a culture of peace.

Your donation helps us to help the world

We believe that the naturally compassionate process of Focusing has a real role to play in strife-torn areas. Sensing oh-so-gently into the right way forward invites a compassion which does not ignore the cry for justice. Without this loving, truth-telling process, one might become stuck in responses of rage at a perceived enemy, or despair at perceived powerlessness. Focusing finds ways forward which had seemed impossible.

The Pause for Peace program is an exciting part of all of the work we do at the Institute. In this time of continuing transition, we are finding new ways to offer more resources to our teachers and more opportunities for learning and connection for Focusers new and old. We ask for your continued support to make Focusing findable to those at all levels of society, of all backgrounds, and in all situations.

Weeklong 2015 Circles

Focusing Weeklong 2015

Thanks to you, those who truly need it most are becoming part of the worldwide Focusing community.

As always, I am deeply grateful for all you do for the Focusing Institute, and for helping us bring the power of Focusing to everyone. We could not do it without you!

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May your new year be filled with comfort and joy.

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