Peace and Harmony in the World

Our societal troubles reflect in macrocosm the same kinds of struggles that we encounter inside, which Focusing allows us to attend to with care and compassion.  Focusing may not be the solution to all of life's troubles, but the attitude that Focusing fosters is. Those on one side of a political side must find ways to listen to the concerns of those on the other side. The parent must listen to the concerns of the child, from the child's point of view. And the mind must listen to the felt sense, even when that felt sense is frightening or painful. This Focusing attitude, no matter what we call it, is key to peace and harmony.

When the world is falling apart, whether it is our own internal world or the world around us, the answer always includes felt sensing. Without a capacity to touch the hurting and fearful places that another part of us wishes weren't there, there is little chance of moving forward.

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