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We warmly invite you to explore and avail yourself of the many resources available to the world Focusing community, as well as the additional benefits that membership brings. We encourage you to become an active part of our friendly global community.

Membership Categories

TIFI welcomes both professional and affiliate memberships. Professional membership categories include Trainees, Certified Focusing Professionals, also known as Trainers or Focusing-Oriented Therapists (FOTs), Coordinators-in-Training (CNTs), and Certifying Coordinators. Affiliate categories include Friends, Supporters, and Associates.

By becoming a member, you join a world-wide network of people who value Focusing as a way to enhance their lives, their work and their communities. Your membership matters and helps us to carry out our mission of bringing Focusing to as many people as possible in the world.

For Professional members, the Institute is committed to supporting you in your Focusing practice and appreciates your commitment to making Focusing alive in the world. We hope that you also will find enriching ways to contribute your time and support to the Institute and our vibrant and growing Focusing community,

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Maintaining membership

There are many benefits to being a member in good standing. Membership is year by year. Members are invoiced for their annual dues during the calendar quarter in which they initially joined. You can pay your dues easily online at: If you have questions about fees, or any other issues, please contact our Administrator Elizabeth Cantor at Please inform us if your email or other contact details change so that we can update our records.

TIFI Member Benefits & Public Resources

An overview of TIFI’s public resources and member benefits is contained below and a downloadable pdf is available here. To learn more about a particular benefit, hover over the benefit name.






Certified Focusing Professionals (Trainers, FOTs, CNTS. CCs)

Focusing Professional Training and Practice Support

Professional Certification Program TIFI maintains a global network of Certifying Coordinators who provide intensive training of leading to professional certification. For information on how to become a Certified Focusing Professional, see the Trainer page.




Online Professional Profile Once certified, you can create an online profile which tells the world what you have to offer and helps potential students and clients find you through the Institute's "Find a Focusing Professional" search function at

Profile pages receive a huge number of hits each month. By linking your TIFI profile page to your personal website, you will enhance your Google rating and make your practice stand out. You can keep your profile current by clicking on the CFP Login tab at the top of any page on





TIFI Bulletin Board Workshop Listings Certified Focusing Professionals may post their workshops and trainings on TIFI's Bulletin Board to reach a global audience. See





Trainer Talks Designed for Trainees and Certified Focusing Professionals, Trainer Talks are recorded interviews filled with tips and inspiration to support your professional Focusing practice. Professional Members will be notified by email of newly available Trainer Talks.




International Conferences

Focusing Institute Summer School (FISS) The Focusing Institute Summer School (FISS) is open to everyone. The program is designed to be an enriching retreat whether you are new to Focusing or have been Focusing for years. Information and registration is available on the Institute's website at

Advanced and Certification Focusing Weeklong The Advanced and Certification Focusing Weeklong celebrates the diversity of the Focusing world by holding a space where Coordinators, advanced Focusers, and new Certified Focusing Professionals come together to deepen and celebrate their Focusing practice. Information and registration is available on the Institute's website at

Focusing Conferences The Institute sponsors or supports a number of international conferences, including the International Focusing Conference, The International Focusing-Oriented Therapy Conference, Children & Focusing Conferences, and other specialty and regional conferences. Information is available at

Discounts on FISS & Weeklong Registration TIFI members receive a discount on the registration fee for these major events. The discount is applied when you register for these events in the TIFI Online Store.


Education & Resources

TIFI website offers resources for professional members and the public. A frequently updated listing of "What’s New" keeps members fully informed of new resources and events. The Google Translate button on each page allows users to read in over 100 languages.

Gendlin Online Library (GOL) The Gendlin Online Library (GOL) provides access to the full text of virtually all of Dr. Eugene Gendlin's writings at A primary bibliography of Gendlin's work is listed at

Focusing Highlights Webinars This online webinar series covers a wide variety of exciting and useful Focusing-related topics on a "pay-what-you-can" donation basis. For information on upcoming programs, see

Focusing Workshops TIFI offers a variety of online Focusing classes and workshops. For information on upcoming workshops, see

Cafecitos Webinars These online Spanish language webinars feature live interviews on a variety of topics of interest and provide an opportunity for Spanish-speaking members to connect with one another. For further information and to register, go to


“Conversations” Interview Series These fascinating interviews with a wide variety of Institute members are publicly available for online listening or mp3 download at

One-on-One Telephone Training TIFI offers introductory one-on-one training with a Certified Focusing Professional. For info, see Coaching sessions.

The Folio The Folio, TIFI's journal, contains thoughtful and useful articles on all aspects of Focusing, TAE, and related topics. Hard copies of back issues are available at a discount to members at Free online versions of selected articles from past journals can be accessed at

TIFI Online Store Discounts A large and growing array of Focusing-related books, DVDs, and other audio programs are available for purchase in the TIFI Online Store.



TIFI Membership Directory The TFI Membership Directory contains contact information for Professional and Affiliate Members (except Friends). Your personal listing will enable other members to find you and you to find colleagues in the Focusing community. Updated annually, a pdf copy is available to all members and a hard copy can be ordered for a small fee.



TIFI’s Newsletter In Focus The In Focus digital newsletter contains a rich mix of news on happenings in the Focusing world, articles, upcoming events, and new resources added to the TIFI website. Sent by email, or you can also find it by searching for "newsletter" or "In Focus" on

Focusing Roundtables Focusing Roundtables are online opportunities for informal peer-to-peer discussions about Focusing, TAE, and related topics. Roundtables are a wonderful way to reconnect with Focusing friends, make new contacts, learn what others are doing, and strengthen our global Focusing community. For further information and to register, go to


Changes Groups Listings Changes groups are spaces for sharing Focusing and Listening in a supportive environment. Members of TIFI may post their Changes groups at


Facebook Members Forum Use this popular social media forum to keep up on what other members are doing and let them know what's happening with you. To join the Forum, go to


Focusing Facebook Pages in English & Spanish TIFI's public Facebook page is at Its public Spanish Facebook page,, es un espacio para todas las personas hispano-hablantes. El objetivo es seguir expandiendo y creciendo como Comunidad Focusing en una comunidad mundial e interactive.

Email discussion groups Email discussion groups enable people to share their interests around a number of Focusing topics. To view or join a list, go to

Focusing Partnership Program* Individuals who are Certified Focusing Professionals, have earned the Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award, or are recommended by a Certified Focusing Professional are eligible to participate in this Focusing partnership matching pool. For more information, see





Volunteer Opportunities TIFI deeply appreciates the many skills and time that members and others devote to supporting the work of the Institute through voluntary effort. We always have interesting projects and programs on the go. If you would like to be involved, please email or keep an eye on our website and newsletter to hear about new projects.

*Requires a recommendation from a Certified Focusing Professional or a Proficiency as a Focusing Partner (PFP) award.

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